5 Offbeat and Unexplored Places You Must Visit In Meghalaya


In the previous post we provided a little information about famous tourism spots in Meghalaya. In this post, we are writing about some offbeat and unexplored places in Meghalaya. Yes, there are lots of offbeat and unexplored places in Meghalaya that are full of surprises. So while you are planning a trip to Meghalaya, you can tweak your itinerary a little and include a few of these places.

  • Wari Chora
  • Krem Chympe
  • Mawryngkhang trek or Bamboo Trek
  • Nongkhnum Island
  • Ialong

1.Wari Chora



In the heart of the Garo Hills in Meghalaya, India, lies a hidden paradise known which is quite unexplored as Wari Chora as compared to places like Dawki,Shillong,etc. This otherworldly landscape is characterized by towering cliffs, crystal-clear streams, and a deep canyon that is home to a mysterious natural phenomenon.

Between the picturesque Pharomgre and Rekmangre villages in the South Garo Hills, Wari Chora offers a unique experience amidst canyons and the turquoise waters of the Rongdik River. 

There are several things to do in Wari Chora like you can hiking, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, etc.


Accommodation options may be limited but there are a few homestays available in nearby villages such as Dabalgre and Emangre. However, due to the remote nature of Wari Chora, it’s advisable to make prior arrangements and book accommodations in advance.

2.Krem Chympe


Krem Chympe is the 5th longest cave in India,situated in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. Although this place is very popular among the natives but away from the crowd it is still majorly offbeat and unexplored compared to the other parts of meghalaya by tourists. It is located at a walking distance of about 3 km roughly north along the path from the town of Khaddum to Sielkan. The Krem Chyme is furthermore a river cave that obliges the travellers to swim through 3.5 km long lakes comprised inside the cave.

Krem Chympe is the home to the largest cave fish in the planet. There is also a huge colony of bats inside the cave. There are numerous natural pools and has nearly 50 natural dams along the main river passage inside it as well.


As of now, there are no places to stay near Krem Chympe. You have to stay at Jowai.

3.Mawryngkhang trek


This bamboo trek, also known as the Mawryngkhang trek, is one of the scariest treks in Meghalaya.

The Bamboo trek starts from a Wahkhen Village, which lies in the Pynursla Tehsil of East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. The villagers themselves prepare the bamboo bridge in a way that bamboos tied with cane ropes give a sturdy enough pathway to walk on. The bridge is constructed without any help from the government.  The trek is around 3-5 hours. The trail gradually ascends hugging the cliff until it reaches Mawkhlieng Cliff and then finally to the top of U Mawryngkhang.


And as of now, there are only accommodation options at Wahkhen(although there are few options only)

4.Nongkhnum Island


Nongkhnum Island is the largest river island in Meghalaya and is said to be the second largest in India. This is where Meghalaya’s longest river, the powerful Kynshi, splits into the Phanliang and the Namliang rivers. This distinctive geographic formation resulted in the creation of a pristine river beach Flanked by gushing, clear waters, Nongkhnum also is host to popular annual festivals where visitors can enjoy local cuisines and witness the region’s love for music and entertainment. Nongkhnum Island is located quite away from civilization and the last stretch of roads is pathetic in condition. But once you reach the place, you will not regret your decision to come here.

Enjoy a calm boat ride on the brisk waters, exploring the many features of the island. There is a picturesque bridge that connects the island to the nearest bank, one more to the countless photo ops that this destination provides. Winter and springtime are great for camping – the low light pollution here allows you to have long sessions of stargazing. There are many activities you can enjoy at Nongkhnum with the help of local guides and operators.



Ialong is a quiet, unassuming village in the East Jaintia hills having around 400 households who love celebrations and is one the most off beat and unexplored places in Meghalaya. It is also the site of a sacred grove, giving curious visitors a glimpse into the symbiotic relationship between the people and nature. Take a pleasurable walk in Ialong eco-park, neatly maintained and featuring various trees and plant species. Ialong is where the ‘noh sakyriet’ dance is held. Take a pleasurable walk in Ialong eco-park, neatly maintained and featuring various trees and plant species. The eco-park also has a section where you can get panoramic views of the river valley. The paddy fields of Ialong are fed by the Myntdu and their different shades of green provide a palette for keen photographers.


Ialong Travellers’ Nest

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